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Square Footage Measure Inc.   Find the size of your house 
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Tarrant County - Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington - Square Footage Measure Inc - the best way to get your house size / square footage in DFW. OFFICIAL SKETCH for square footage - We send a state certified appraiser company employee out to measure your house the appraiser way. House size measurement in Grand Prairie, Euless, Hurst, and Burleson. ANSI 765
Appraiser way to measure my house. Measure House and provide official sketch of house size in DFW. Home measuring in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington metroplex.
Southlake, Irving, Grand Prairie, Kennedale, Midlothian FOR SQFT
Zac Trostel Real Estate Appraiser BBB Business Review
Measuring with ANSI Z765
What factors help determine if a portion of a home is square footage or not square footage? What is gross living area / square footage and why ?
-First Off, the experience and technique utilized by the employee of the appraiser company measuring the house helps them determine which areas of a home are sqft. Appraisers are required to utilize ANSI Z-765 standard for measuring

-Areas counted as square footage must be above grade, meaning above the level of the ground. Square footage areas do not include below grade basement portions etc.

-Areas counted as square footage must be finished out. Areas of the home that are not finished out are not be counted as square footage. The measuring employee decides which areas are finished based on his or her training, experience, & technique and ANSI Z-765.

-Areas counted as square footage must be vented with central air and heat. Window air conditioning units do not count as central air and heat and thus areas with window unit CAC are not typically counted as square footage or gross living area.

Appraisal companies and their employees rely on industry standards, as well as changes to the ANSI Z-765 standards.
Zac Trostel Real Estate Appraiser BBB Business Review