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Square Footage Measure Inc.   Find the size of your house 
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Tarrant County - Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington - Square Footage Measure Inc - the best way to get your house size / square footage in DFW. OFFICIAL SKETCH for square footage - We send a state certified appraiser company employee out to measure your house the appraiser way. House size measurement in Grand Prairie, Euless, Hurst, and Burleson. ANSI 765
Appraiser way to measure my house. Measure House and provide official sketch of house size in DFW. Home measuring in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington metroplex.
Southlake, Irving, Grand Prairie, Kennedale, Midlothian FOR SQFT
Zac Trostel Real Estate Appraiser BBB Business Review
Measuring with ANSI Z765
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Thanks for Paying for your Deluxe Square Footage Measure Online - Official House size measuring service - Rooms measured for dimensions 
Deluxe sketch for house square footage w/ cover letter
Employee from a local appraiser company measures one house and draws the sketch into a computer to determine square footage of home based on exterior measurements. Rooms are labeled and interior rooms are also measured and their dimensions labeled. 
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Zac Trostel Real Estate Appraiser BBB Business Review