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Measuring with ANSI Z765
Summary of the Standard Method Guidelines for Measuring Rentable Office Space
This is an overview of the techniques and basic standards for measuring office space.  The purpose is to allow you to get a general idea on how office space is typically measured for rental purposes. The standard has been the generally accepted method for measuring office square footage for many years. The measuring techniques and standards are applicable to any architectural design or commercial type of construction.These general standards should also be used in measuring office square footage in new construction as well as old buildings. 

Building Common Areas
Building Common Areas include any common areas that are associated with the particular space being measured for square footage. Building Common Area calculations are applied to the Floor Rentable Area to calculate the Rentable Area. The Building Common Areas also include those areas of a commercial building that are utilized to provide common services to office tenants, but which are actually not included in the office space of any specific tenant. 

Usable Areas
The Usable Area of an office suite is calculated by measuring to the finished surface side of the office space; measuring to the finished side of corridors and other permanent walls, to the center of the partitions that separate the office from adjacent Usable Areas, and to the inside finished surface of the dominant portions of the permanent outer commercial building walls. The Usable Area is the existing occupiable space of a floor and/or an office suite. The amount of Usable Area on a multi-level rentable space can vary over the life of a building as corridors expand and contract and as levels and/or office spaces are altered. The Usable floor area is converted to Rentable Area by the use of a common area factor/conversion factor. When determining usable areas; no deduction is made for support columns and architectural projections necessary to the commercial building.

The Usable Area of an office space floor is calculated by summing the square footage of all the Usable Areas on that floor.

Gross Rentable Areas
Rent is typically paid based upon the Gross Rentable Area which includes the Floor Rentable Area plus the pro-rated share of that Buildings Common Areas.

Floor Rentable Areas
Floor Rentable Area is the tenant's pro-rated section of the entire office floor. Floor Rentable Area excludes portions of the building that project through the floor to areas below. Rentable Area of a floor is a fixed calculation for the duration of a building life. Floor Rentable Areas are not affected by alterations in corridor sizes and layout. Rentable Areas of floor area is determined by measuring to the inside finished surface of the predominant sections of the permanent exterior building walls. Floor Rental Area also excludes any major vertical projections of the floor.

No deduction is made for projections and or architectural columns necessary to the commercial building. Rentable Area of an office on the floor is calculated by multiplying the Usable Area of that office by the quotient of the division of the Floor Rentable Areas of the floor by the Usable Areas of that floor. 

Pro Rated Building Common Area + Building Rentable Area  = Rentable Area